And the Power to Grow

Electricity is an economical and dependable source of power for irrigation. ACEC’s Load Management Program for irrigation offers irrigators a simple way to lower costs for electric power with a reduced rate. When a grower chooses to participate in the interruptible program, ACEC has the ability to turn off the electricity to the irrigation pump during critical peak times. By directly controlling irrigation load, ACEC is able to reduce its total system load during peak load periods in the summer. As a result, ACEC reduces the need for our wholesale power supplier to operate higher-fuel-cost generators or purchase additional power from other utilities during peak times.

Growers can choose from two rates:

  1. 12 Hour Control – ACEC can interrupt irrigation service any weekday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. CDT, no control on SaturdaySunday and holidays.
  2. No Control – Irrigators can run uninterrupted any day.

Load Management Control status is communicated two ways: you can check our website here or choose to receive text messages on your mobile phone.

For more irrigation information or to request a new irrigation electric service contact ACEC at (800) 831-8629 or click here for the irrigation site plan sketch and pre-construction checklist forms.