Understanding Your Irrigation Bill

Coincident Peak

Facility Charge

All members pay a facility charge, which supports the cost of our materials, trucks, labor, etc.

Irrigation-Farm Service (kWh for MC6A)

This is your energy usage for the billing period. All energy usage (kWh) will be charged 3.9¢. In this example, the member used 27,247 kilowatt-hours (kWh) this billing period.

Peak Demand Charge (kW for MC6A)

If you used energy during the peak hour for the billing period, you will be charged $38.58 per kilowatt (kW). There is one hour each month that Alliant Energy charges ACEC with a peak demand charge, which is when Alliant Energy records their peak demanded on their system. In this example, the member used 65.354 kW during the peak hour, so they were charged the peak demand charge. Peak demand is a pass through charge that ACEC receives from Alliant Energy. Every month we publish the coincident peak time in the information area on bill statements. Peak alert history and the peak for each month are published on our website at Peak Alert History.

Demand Charge (kW for MC6B)

This is the distribution demand charge and will be on your bill every month as a charge of $7.50 per kW. In this example, the member used 69.797 kW. Distribution demand covers the equipment and materials it takes to serve your energy load.

Power Cost Adjustment

The power cost adjustment (PCA) on your bill is an amount per kilowatt-hour that will either be a charge or a credit each month based on the actual cost to generate power.

WI Non-Taxable Program

All members pay into this program as required by the state of Wisconsin. These funds support energy assistance and energy conversation programs for members.