Excavating Authorization

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    Detailed sketch of underground facilities on your property such as septic, well, cable TV, gas, water, power lines, phone lines, future out-buildings, replacement septic areas, invisible dog fences, etc.
    The undersigned property owner hereby acknowledges that excavating will be done by the Cooperative on his/her property for the purpose of installing electrical facilities. The undersigned property owner hereby authorizes this excavating, and further agrees there are no member-owned underground facilities which can be damaged, except those that have been located, marked, and exposed for inspection. The term “exposed for inspection” herein shall mean the applicant shall dig out to expose that part of any member-owned underground facility which shall be in the path of underground electric line, and/or placement of poles or anchors to be installed by the Cooperative. The property owner is responsible for damage regardless of who locates facilities. If the general contractor is to provide the locations and excavation of any member-owned facilities, it is agreed that the undersigned shall not hold the Cooperative liable for any damaged underground facilities, and the contractor must also sign this permit. The property owner is responsible for any information provided by an authorized third party and initiating the contact. The property owner also agrees that the service entrance is in place and the area where the cable is to be installed is within four inches (4”) of the final grade and will not be disturbed after the cable is installed. It is further understood that no permanent facilities such as a porch, garage, concrete driveway, swimming pool, patio, deck, or similar structure, will be constructed over the cable. Any costs of relocating the cable as a result of said construction will be charged to the property owner. Furthermore, the property owner recognizes the potential hazard of Oak Wilt during the period April 15 through July 1 and shall not hold the Cooperative liable for any Oak Wilt damage arising through cable plowing or line installation. (See DNR pub. PUB-FR-127 97.)
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