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Yard Lights Offer Peace of Mind

Yard Light

The standard yard light leased from Adams–Columbia Electric Cooperative (ACEC) is an effective source of light for outdoor areas around the home, farm, or business. For over 40 years they’ve been a popular fixture across the rural countryside.  In those years the industry has seen many advances in technology and light construction.  From early Mercury Vapor (MV) to High Pressure Sodium (HPS), ACEC has changed with the industry over the years.  ACEC now offers yard lights with the latest technology in lighting:  LED (light emitting diode).  This technology offers a closer to true daylight light.  The fixture is also Dark Sky compliant, directing more of the light emitted in the area to be lit and less to the neighborhood and off into space.  

ACEC’s standard yard light operates on a dusk-to-dawn electric eye with a 48-Watt LED fixture.  They’re available to all members, on a rental basis, with a signed light lease agreement. They’re installed only on ACEC-owned poles so call for current basic charge pricing. All maintenance and energy charges are included in this base rate. An additional per-month charge is added for installation of a pole set solely for a yard light, along with any other non-standard options. 

There's a great measure of peace of mind and convenience that comes with a yard light installed by ACEC. To schedule a new yard light installation, call one of ACEC’s helpful Customer Service Representatives at (800) 831-8629.