Pre-Construction Guide

Step 1 – Getting Started

The following documents are required for any new electric service.

  1. Application for Service – The application for service must be completed in entirety and is required to meet membership obligations.
  2. Load Checklist and Site Plan- ACEC requests some basic information about the electric load you plan to have at your new home, recreational or business site. This helps us properly size facilities to meet your demands. Your electrician may be able to help you complete the service requirements portion. The site plan is a drawing or sketch of your property. To properly design your new electric service and choose the best path for buried electric cable, ACEC must know ahead of time where you wish to place your meter. Clearly mark a meter point at your site for ACEC to measure from. Consult with your electrician or building contractor regarding potential meter locations. If you need assistance in choosing a meter location, an ACEC Distribution Design Technician (DDT) can meet with you on-site to help determine a location.

Step 2 – Site Visit

Once we receive the application for service, and load checklist and site plan, your project will be turned over to a Distribution Design Technician to visit your site and measure to your specified meter location.

Step 3 – Submit Construction Fees & Additional Paperwork

Within 7-10 days, you will receive written confirmation from us that your new electric service has been designed, along with an itemized invoice. Included with the invoice will be an excavating authorization and any additional paperwork that is required prior to scheduling your new electric service installation. Submit your construction fees, completed excavating authorization, and any additional paperwork you were provided.

What is the Excavating Authorization? 

  • The Excavating Authorization gives ACEC permission to install facilities on your property and covers liability and responsibility for other underground facilities. It also gives you the opportunity to warn us of underground obstacles we need to avoid during installation.

Step 4 – Install & Inspect

Contact your electrician to install a meter socket (200 amp minimum size for underground service to accommodate 4/0/ Al. wire, minimum of 14” tall x 11” wide.)

After your meter socket has been installed, you will need to schedule an inspection. State law requires that your meter socket must be inspected before we can schedule your project. A list of inspection agencies is available on our website at under Helpful Resources. The inspection agency needs to complete and submit a wiring affidavit to ACEC. A wiring affidavit can be found on our website under Helpful Resources.

Step 5 – Scheduling Your Project

After all forms, fees, and inspection have been received, your job will be completed within 2-3 weeks.

Questions? Please call (800) 831-8629 between 7:30 A.M. – 4:00 P.M., Monday through Friday or email us at

Pre-Construction: The electric service installation path must be at least a 10-foot wide path for us to get service to your meter. The ground around your new service location and the flagged route must be within 4 inches of the final grade so the underground wire is properly protected after installation.

Post-Construction: Normally a large Caterpillar-type trencher is used along with a tractor-style backhoe to install your electric service. After installation is complete, we will backfill excavations in preparation for the final grading done by you, your builder or landscaper. ACEC is not responsible for final grading.