Duel-Fuel Heat Program for ACEC Members

Duel Fuel Heating

Don’t let ever-changing prices for propane fuel consume your heating budget. You have an ally with Adams-Columbia Electric Cooperative’s Duel-Fuel Heat Program.

The program allows you to choose between electric or gas as your heat source. Anytime LP gas prices get excessive, ACEC’s money-saving Duel-Fuel Heating rate will be your most economical source of heat.

A load management receiver (LMR) is required on all Duel-Fuel systems. During peak electrical usage periods, the LMR allows ACEC to “control” your electric heat unit. Not to worry, your LP gas furnace is automatically available to provide heat during the control period.

The HVAC Department at Adams-Columbia offers a complete line of products for your heating needs and comfort. Contact them to learn more about how you can save with ACEC’s Duel-Fuel Heat Program at 800-831-8629 or Click here (PDF) to learn more about the program.