STEM Grant

science, technology, engineering & math


Adams-Columbia Electric Cooperative values education and training in our service area and understands that classrooms may have limited funding to pursue the projects needed to educate the young minds in our local communities. By embracing cooperative principle #5, we are able to extend our resources to support STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) projects and initiatives.


Funding is available for public, public charter, private, Christian schools, home schools, and organizations in our service area for classrooms with students K-12. The classroom project must be academically focused in the areas of science, technology, engineering or math. The grant may be used to purchase equipment or curriculum materials and should be part of a well-planned and integrated project or activity. Instructors may apply for a STEM grant up to $1,000 per calendar year. Home schools are allowed to receive up to $100 per calendar year.

The deadline to apply each quarter is as follows:

  • February 1
  • May 1
  • August 1
  • November 1


Please be sure that all forms are filled in completely before forwarding to us. Incomplete applications will not be submitted for consideration. Applications should be submitted 4-6 weeks prior to the date of anticipated need. Applicants agree that their name, photo, and the project may be used for any marketing purposes at Adams-Columbia Electric Cooperative.

Examples of projects that would NOT be considered for funding: 

Travel expenses, field trips, guest speakers, entry fees, t-shirts or other promotional items/prizes, and meals. If you are seeking funding for a project and think that the STEM grant might not be the right place to apply, visit our Operation Round-Up page to see if you qualify for funding.


Click here to complete the application

Print off a PDF application

If you prefer a paper copy, please submit the completed application and any other pertinent materials by mail to:

Adams-Columbia Electric Cooperative
Attention: STEM Grant
P.O. Box 70
Friendship, WI 53934-0070

For more information about the program, please contact Haley Melby at or (800) 831-8629.


Recipients of the STEM Grant are listed below:


  • Wisconsin Dells High School – AP Chemistry Labs
  • Almond-Bancroft School – Cue Robots
  • Rio High School – 3D Printing for Adventure
  • Almond-Bancroft Elementary School – Creating Robots
  • Adams County Association for Home & Community Education – Bee-Cause Pollinators Feed the World
  • Montello School District – STEM Cart
  • Humke Elementary School – Hydroponic Flex Farm
  • Adams County 4-H – 4-H STEM Project Day
  • Adams-Friendship Elementary – School Garden Expansion
  • Barlets Middle School – Aquaponics System
  • Westfield Middle School – STEM Club
  • Adams County 4-H Robotics – FIRST Tech Challenge Robotics Team
  • Westfield High School – Graphing Calculators
  • Markesan Middle School – Water Quality/Ecology
  • Adams-Friendship Elementary School – Strengthening Fine Motor Skills Through Play
  • Assumption Catholic School – Maker Club Outfitting
  • Rio Elementary School – Morning STEM Tubs
  • Wild Rose Elementary School – Kindergarten STEM
  • Windy Pines Academy – Solar as an Alternative Energy Source
  • Assumption Catholic School – AutoCAD
  • Wild Rose High School – Photo Shop/Manufacturing
  • Rio Elementary – Science Rocks!
  • Markesan Elementary – Chain Reactions STEM
  • Fall River School District – Poultry Science Kit and Cow & Pig Eag Simulation Kit
  • Coloma Elementary – Birds in our Backyard
  • Cambria-Friesland School District – Genetic Screening using Gel Electrophoresis
  • Rio Elementary – Mystery Science Experiments
  • Grant Elementary – Project STEMstart: Empower Grade 5
  • Nekoosa High School – Venture forward to the Cutting Edge
  • Coloma Elementary – Light Table Exploration
  • Pardeeville High School – Drone Aviation
  • Westfield High School – AP Biology Gel Electrophoresis


  • Adams-Friendship Middle School – Circuits/Robots/Makers
  • Adams-Friendship Elementary – Exploring Science
  • Adams-Friendship Elementary – STEM Building Materials
  • Wautoma Public Library – Hands-On Story Time
  • Randolph School District – Forensic Science
  • Assumption High School – 3D Printing and Modeling
  • Adams-Friendship Middle School – Engaging for All Learners
  • Pardeeville High School – Stats Application
  • Wisconsin Dells FFA – Hydroponic Produce
  • Windy Pines Academy – Drone Technology, Skills, and Career Exploration
  • Berlin Middle/High School – Robotics Team
  • Rio Elementary – 3D Printer
  • Randolph High School – Aquaponics System
  • Wild Rose School District – Molecular Gastronomy
  • A-F Elementary – First Grade Builders and Mathematicians
  • A-F Elementary – Operation Wood Duck: Learning for Life
  • Wautoma High School – Aquaponics to Facilitate STEM
  • Rio Elementary – STEM Challenge Kits
  • Rio Middle and High School – Fun with Biotechnology
  • St. John’s Lutheran School – STEM Supplies
  • Assumption High School – Restock Filament for 3D Printer
  • Tri-County Area School District – Math Fact Fluency
  • Wild Rose Middle/High School – Advanced Manufacturing Lab
  • Rio Elementary School – Kindergarten STEM Lab
  • Rio Elementary School – Exploration Station
  • Westfield High School – Gel Electrophoresis
  • Markesan High School – School Wide Composting
  • Cambria-Friesland School District – Biotechnology in the Classroom
  • Pardeeville Elementary School – Family Science/STEM Night
  • Wisconsin Dells High School – AP Biology and Plant Science Lab
  • Rio Elementary School – Math Manipulatives and Rube Goldberg
  • Faith Christian School – Lego League Robotics Project


  • Community Christian School of Baraboo – After School STEM
  • Portage High School – Countertop Ovens
  • Adams-Friendship Middle School – Graphing Calculators
  • St. John’s Lutheran School – Project Lead The Way
  • St. Jerome School – Prevent Flooding Project
  • Rio Elementary – Lego Wall
  • Cambria-Friesland School – Weather Station
  • Rio Elementary – Lego Mindstorm Robot
  • Pardeeville High School – Greenhouse Heater
  • Parkside Elementary – Live Science Observation Station


  • Wisconsin Dells High School – Wireless Digital Microscopes
  • St. Joseph School (Baraboo) – 3D Printer
  • Wisconsin Dells High School – Testing Our Environment Project
  • Rio Elementary – Coding Sphero Project
  • Rio High School – School Weather Station
  • Endeavor Elementary – School Garden
  • Wautoma Library – LEGO Robotics
  • Pardeeville Middle and High School – Grow Robotics
  • St John’s Lutheran – Project Lead the Way
  • Adams-Friendship Middle School – Digital Art
  • Parkside Elementary – Teaching Tactile
  • Pardeeville High School  – Science of Dehydrated Foods
  • Adams-Friendship Elementary – Hands-On Exploration
  • Humke Elementary – We Can Build It With Polydrones!
  • South Wood County YMCA – STEM Cart Program
  • Pardeeville High School – Electricity Trainers
  • Westfield High School – TI-84+ Graphing Calculators


  • Adams-Friendship Elementary – STEM Cart
  • St. John the Baptist (Princeton) – Hydroponics Vertical Grow Wall
  • Pardeeville High School – Electricity and Robotics
  • Parkside School (Wautoma) – Pupil Cam for Microscope
  • Parkside School (Wautoma) – Augmented Reality Sandbox Topography
  • Riverview Elementary (Wautoma) – STEM Cart
  • Wautoma High School – Aquaponics Lab
  • Wisconsin Dells High School – Safety Glasses
  • Wisconsin Dells High School – CMC Technology
  • Rio Elementary – STEM Kits
  • Adams-Friendship High School – Scientific Calculators
  • Adams-Friendship Middle School – Digital Cameras
  • Adams-Friendship & Grand Marsh Elementary – STEM Kits 
  • Cambria Friesland Schools  – Algebra Tiles
  • Adams-Friendship Elementary – STEM Kits
  • Westfield High School – Online Budget Simulation
  • St. John’s Luthern (Montello) – Problem Solving Kits with Materials
  • St. Johns’s the Baptist (Princeton) – Maker Space
  • Rio Elementary – MERGE Cubes and Code and Go Robot Mouse
  • Oxford Elementary – MeccaSpider Robot Kit
  • Westfield High School – TI-84 calculators
  • Humke Elementary – Makerspace Project
  • Oxford Elementary – Master Builders
  • Assumption High School – 3D Printer Acquisition