Connecting Distributed Energy Resources

Adams-Columbia Electric Cooperative (ACEC) wants to assist cooperative members interested in owning and installing a renewable generation system. Please contact us before you start your project to be sure your plans comply and your project goes smoothly. If you’re a member of ACEC and are interested in interconnected solar or wind generation call us at (800) 831-8629 or send an e-mail to for more information. Remember to visit Focus on Energy for available rebates!

Interconnection Checklist

Before you begin your renewable energy project, follow the Interconnection Checklist to help navigate your way through the process.

ACEC Renewable Generation Guidelines

1. Contact Solar Installation Company

2. Notification

    • Call us at (800) 831-8629 to let us know that you want to interconnect an electric generating system to ACEC’s distribution system.

3. Interconnection process

    • Complete and submit the Wisconsin Public Service Commission Interconnection Application and Interconnection Agreement to ACEC.
    • A $200 engineering fee is due with this application
    • Proof of insurance showing the appropriate liability insurance
    • One-Line diagram
    • Plot plan
    • Spec sheets for invertor
    • Spec sheets for solar panels and/or wind turbine

4. Application Review

    • Once receiving a new or revised application, we’ll let you know if we have a completed application. If the application is incomplete, you will need to resubmit it with the needed corrections.

5. Engineering Review

    • After receiving a completed application, ACEC will determine if all Renewable Generation Guidelines are met. If all guidelines are met, installation can proceed. If guidelines are not met, ACEC will contact the renewable generation installer for further details.

6. Interconnection Inspection

    • Once your renewable generation installation is completed, an inspection must be done. ACEC will not commission installation until we receive the compliance for inspection.

7. System Testing and Acceptance

    • You are required to notify us of the completed installation and give us an opportunity to witness or verify system testing. You are also required to provide us with any test results. After we receive notification that an installation is complete, we do one (or more) of the following:
        • Witness commissioning tests
        • Perform an anti-islanding test or verifying protective equipment settings at our expense, OR
        • Waive our right, in writing, to witness or verify commissioning tests.

8. Testing Approval or Rejection

    • Once testing is completed and approved, ACEC will exchange your meter to a bi-directional meter. If tested and rejected, you may need take to corrective action needed and we may ask that we re-examine your interconnection request.