Solar Frequently Asked Questions

What are the steps I need to take to get solar?

  • Identify and implement energy efficiency opportunities
  • Contact ACEC to discuss interconnection requirements
  • Analyze your electric loads
  • Determine applicable codes
  • Identify and discuss your options with credible resources and contractors.

What are your rates?
The current solar rate is referred to as “Banked” NET Metering. Any generation from the solar system will offset your consumption at 1 kWh for 1 kWh rate. If your system generates more energy than you consume, it will be added to your “bank”. This bank will either build or reduce depending on your system’s generation and your consumption. If there are any kWh’s in your “bank” at the end of your April billing, the kWh’s in your “bank” are paid out to you at the avoided cost.

What is avoided cost?
ACEC’s power supplier’s average avoided cost, or what they paid for power. Avoided costs is the same as ACEC’s power supplier (Alliant Energy) avoided cost.

Will I still receive an electric bill if I have solar panels?
Yes, you will still receive a bill. Your bill will reflect the facility charge, and any other applicable taxes, energy usage, and fees. The bill will also show you the amount of kWh you have banked before and after the billing period.

Here is a sample bill:














Can I view how much power I generate on my SmartHub account?
ACEC does not measure the energy produced by your system. ACEC meters are bi-directional; They meter how much energy you deliver to ACEC and how much is received from ACEC. This is what the graph in SmartHub will display.

Do solar panels produce power when the sun isn’t shining?
Surprisingly solar panels don’t need 100% sunshine. They will work in low light condition, just not to full potential.

Where does the power go?
Energy generated will either be consumed by your home or put on the distribution system.

What happens if there is an interruption in ACEC’s power?
Our meters are designed to de-energize whenever there is a power outage and it will remain off until ACEC has restored power. This is to ensure the safety of your home and equipment.

Are there state or federal incentives, tax credits, or rebates available?
You may be eligible for federal or state tax credits. Please visit for the latest information.

Where can I find solar vendors?
There are many vendors out there, the best resource for local Wisconsin installers is through the Focus on Energy Find a Trade Ally weblink below.

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