Board of Directors Duties & Responsibilities

Make a Difference

Get involved with your cooperative and make a difference today. Members of electric cooperatives express higher than average levels of customer satisfaction because cooperatives are different. When members have questions or concerns, they have the unique opportunity to talk to their neighbors and fellow members, the board of directors.

Not only is being board director an important leadership role within the cooperative, but it’s also a great way to get involved in the community. Whether it’s helping to serve a meal or simply shaking hands, the community loves to see ACEC directors getting involved. The directors also have a unique opportunity to meet and work with other electric cooperative directors from all over the country at various meetings and events.

Who is on the board?

The board is made up of seven cooperative members, one from each of our seven districts.

What does a director do?

A director represents all members of ACEC and is responsible for approving general policies, annual budgets, special contracts, patronage capital retirements, bylaw amendments, rate schedules, and delegating authority to the GM to execute and carry out the daily activities of the cooperative.

When does the board meet?

Regular meetings are typically held the last Wednesday of each month at the co-op. In addition to regular board meetings, directors rotate to attend occasional regional and national meetings as well as educational seminars.

Is there any compensation?

Directors are paid a per diem for each meeting attended, as well as IRS approved mileage.

Is there a time commitment?

From monthly board meetings to ACEC’s Annual Meeting, trainings, member events, workshops and travel, the typical time commitment for board members is approximately 18-24 days/evenings per year. Directors spend additional hours reading industry related materials and news to stay abreast of policy trends and information.


Getting Elected

Per ACEC’s bylaws, interested members must follow our Nomination by Petition process. Members need 25 signatures from any ACEC member in any district (one signature per membership). Voting for director candidates can be done in person at the Annual Meeting, electronically through SmartHub, or by requesting an absentee ballot.

Director qualifications include:
  • Must be a member of the co-op and in good standings
  • Primary residence located in the district you’re running in
  • No financial conflict of interest
  • Not employed by ACEC
  • No felony convictions
Other duties:
  • Duty of Loyalty – Act in good faith, ethical
  • Fiduciary Duty – Act on behalf of others, good faith and candor
  • Duty of Care – Make impartial decisions for the benefit of the membership as a whole, use good judgment
  • Duty of Attention – Be well-informed, ask questions, perform oversight, utilize staff for answers