Power Cost AdjustmenT

PCA, or Power Cost Adjustment, is a per kWh charge on your bill that covers the costs that vary month to month in the generation of electricity. Things like fuel costs, load, weather, and generation mix all impact the costs to produce energy. Because the rate we charge you for energy is fixed, but the rate we pay for that same energy is variable, we “true up” the difference monthly. A PCA can be zero, a credit, or a charge.

Why do I have a PCA charge on my bill?

As a cooperative, we are a not-for-profit organization. This means that we charge you only enough to operate your cooperative. Power Cost Adjustments allow us to keep rates stable, while also allowing us to fairly pass through the fluctuating cost components of electricity. Without a PCA, rates would be constantly changing to reflect increases and decreases in the cost of power.

Does everyone get charges a PCA?

Yes, it is calculated for everyone. You will simply be charged the per kWh amount of the PCA times the number of kWh’s consumed, the same way the energy portion of your bill is calculated.