Meeting Rules & Voting Procedures


  1. Except as specifically modified below the meeting will be conducted in accordance with ACEC Bylaws, Board Policies #2-18 and #2-27, and the current edition of Roberts Rules of Order, Revised.
  2. Any speaker must be recognized by the Chair before speaking.
  3. Only members and duly registered guests will be recognized by the Chair; each person so recognized must give his or her name and show their voting card. Questions and comments should relate to Cooperative matters of general concern to the membership and not the member’s particular account.
  4. Unless otherwise approved by the Chair, those recognized are to limit their questions and comments to three minutes, with any rebuttal limited to two minutes.
  5. Questions and comments from members and duly registered guests will be in order during old and new business sessions, and at the conclusion of the officer reports if invited.
  6. No resolution affecting Adams-Columbia Electric Cooperative may be submitted by any member unless written copies were received by the Cooperative by February 10, 2024 in accordance with the prior notification to the membership to permit review by the Rules Committee, and its recommendation to the meeting as to approval or rejection.
  7. No signs or handouts will be permitted within the building of the place of the meeting, except such handouts as required for the official conduct of the Annual Meeting. Invited Legislators may distribute government issued items such as Highway Maps or similar information. No handouts made available outside of the building will use the name of the Cooperative, its letterhead or logo to imply that the Cooperative supports or opposes any resolution or candidate for director.
  8. No demonstrations shall be held within the building of the place of the meeting.


  1. Each member present and qualified to vote at the meeting shall be entitled to vote for one candidate for each of the director positions for which a director is to be elected, provided that member has not voted electronically or by absentee ballot prior to the meeting.
  2. Each member will be given a voting card (one card per membership), which the member should hold up to be recognized or to designate his or her vote as directed by the Chair.
  3. Once cast, an electronic or absentee vote will not be discarded in favor of another voting method.
  4. In the event there is only one nominee who is qualified and willing to run for election for any position, election for that position may be by unanimous consent, by voice vote, or by show of hands or voting card at the meeting.
  5. Only the Chairperson is authorized to vote electronically for a business entity.
  6. With the consent of the Chair, balloting may be closed at the time the meeting is called to order. Counting of absentee ballots may begin prior to the time the meeting is called to order.