Guide For Submitting Advisory Resolutions

Guide for Submitting an Advisory Resolution at the Annual Meeting

Every member of Adams-Columbia Electric Cooperative has the opportunity to present one or more resolutions to the membership at the annual meeting each year. The purpose of an advisory resolution is to give advice to the board of directors, or propose a new idea for them to consider. If you intend to submit an advisory resolution, submissions must be to the cooperative by February 10, 2024 to be considered for the 2024 Annual Meeting.

Here is the process to follow for submitting an advisory resolution at the Annual Meeting:

  1. You need to submit the advisory resolution before the deadline set each year by the Rules Committee in order to present your advisory resolution at the Annual Meeting that year. That date is published in the cooperative’s newsletter, website, and other marketing platforms. You can submit an advisory resolution a few different ways:
    • Email your resolution to
    • Mail your resolution to ACEC, PO Box 70, Friendship, WI 53934
    • Visit our Friendship office at 401 E Lake Street, Friendship, WI 53934
  2. The advisory resolution is then reviewed by the Rules Committee.
    • First, the Rules Committee decides whether the advisory resolution is in order for presentation at the Annual Meeting. If not, then you will receive a notification that the advisory resolution was rejected and the reason why. You may be able to make wording changes so that the resolution is in order and clearly expresses the issue you want to address.
    • Second, if the advisory resolution is in order, then the Rules Committee decides whether to make a recommendation for or against the advisory resolution, or not to express a preference.
    • You will be notified after the Rules Committee reviews your resolution. If you submitted the resolution before the deadline and it is in order, you are welcome to attend the Annual Meeting and present your resolution to the membership.
  3. At the Annual Meeting, you will be asked to come to the stage to present your advisory resolution to the membership. You must receive a “second” to your motion to bring your advisory resolution to a vote of the membership in attendance.


This is an example of a complete advisory resolution

Member Name
Member Address
Member District


RESOLVED, that the membership of the Adams-Columbia Electric Cooperative urges the Board and management of the Cooperative to move the Annual Meeting of the Cooperative back to a Saturday morning.

Supporting comments:
We have now had three annual meetings that were held on a weekday and in the evening. The number of members that attended these three annual meetings has not been encouraging. The last one held at Friendship had less than 100 members. While it was fine to experiment with the annual meeting day and time, it is time to go back to a Saturday annual meeting when more members have the time to attend.