Focus on Energy

Adams-Columbia Electric Cooperative is pleased to work in partnership with Focus on Energy to offer rebates and incentives to ACEC members! Visit for more information on how our partnership benefits ACEC members, incentives, and different programs you can take advantage of.

Focus on Energy offers a variety of rebates ranging from residential to business projects, along with instant discounts through their online marketplace. Members are also eligible to receive a free energy-savings kit each year. Order your free kit today on their website.


All members contribute to the Focus on Energy program. This is the WI Non-Taxable Program line item on your bill and is required by the state of Wisconsin. We encourage members to participate in these programs. Remember, these are YOUR funds! Take advantage of Focus on Energy incentives.


For more information about Focus on Energy and its energy-saving programs, call 1-800-762-7077 or visit them at