Employee Feedback

Please take a couple minutes to complete this short survey about your perception of the safety and culture at ACEC. The survey will be available until Friday, June 28.


What level best describes your position at the co-op?(Required)
What best describes your work environment?(Required)

Rating Questions

For the following questions, please rate how strongly you agree or disagree with each statement.
People here report injuries, near misses, and/or unsafe conditions.(Required)
Department managers are effectively involved in the safety meetings.(Required)
My supervisor/foreman keeps me informed on my job performance.(Required)
If I express a concern, management takes action.(Required)
I trust that management will do the right things.(Required)
Employees express their ideas openly and honestly and trust they will be heard(Required)
Management ensures expectations for performance are established for all levels.(Required)
Management ensures performance expectations are consistently applied.(Required)
Management treats people fairly.(Required)
The organization values my contributions and accomplishments.(Required)
Work areas and departments share information and ideas, working together to resolve issues and acheive results.(Required)


Please provide your feedback on recent changes that were implemented from CI Team 6.
Do you use Roll Call consistently if you are in or out of the office outside normal hours?(Required)
Do you use the out of office feature in Outlook?(Required)
Do you use the calendar feature in Outlook?(Required)
Do you read News and Updates on MyHub?(Required)
Could you use additional training on any of the following? Select all that apply.(Required)