Director Candidates

Districts 1 & 2 are up for election

Candidates running for director seats have each been asked to submit a short, 350 word or less, biography answering the questions listed below. Candidates have provided their contact information if you would like to reach out with additional questions. Note that no edits have been made to the candidate’s submissions.

Each candidate was asked the following questions:

  • Please share information about yourself including what experience or abilities you would bring to the ACEC board?
  • What interests you most about serving on the board?
  • What are some of the important issues you believe the board needs to focus on in the next few years?


District 1
Bruce Rokke
(715) 572-2643 – Cell
(715) 325-1959 – Home

My name is Bruce Rokke, and my wife Deb and I have lived in central Wisconsin since 1980. We grew up on farms in northwestern Minnesota before attending college. After graduating from college and moving to Wisconsin to start my career in banking, we quickly realized we loved central Wisconsin and decided to make it our permanent home.

I believe that getting involved in our communities is important. We need informed, passionate individuals who care about our communities in order for them to not just work, but thrive.

I earned a bachelor’s degree in finance from Minnesota State University-Moorhead and an MBA degree from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. I also completed the Graduate School of Community Bank Management and earned the Degree of Distinction and many Degrees of Merit from the Institute of Financial Education.

I recently retired from my position as President and Chief Executive Officer of KeySavings Bank in Wisconsin Rapids and the Town of Rome, and now I have more time to participate in community activities. My 42-plus years of experience at a community bank and my academic background in business and finance would be of value to the Adams-Columbia Electric Cooperative (ACEC) as it moves into the future. Serving as a board member for numerous community organizations over the years and being a bank director for over 25 years gave me first-hand experience dealing and complying with complex rules and regulations. These qualifications will assist me if I am elected to serve on the ACEC Board.

The ACEC Board has a fiduciary responsibility to eliminate waste, maintain fiscal responsibility and be transparent to its members. I believe some of the issues facing ACEC will be focusing on rates while building reserves for capital improvements needed to keep ACEC competitive and relevant into the future. Retaining good employees will also be vital for the future of ACEC.

It would be my honor and privilege to serve as a member of the ACEC Board of Directors. Thank you for your consideration.


District 1
Derek Alexander
(262) 212-4450

Adams Columbia Electric Cooperative members, you are the customer. I am running for the board to be your voice at the co-op. Whether it’s finding ways to save operating costs, working with ACEC partners to ensure sustainability, or investigating new technologies that will reduce your monthly bill, I will work for you as a member of the board. I will be your voice.

I grew up in Nekoosa. My parents grew up within the districts of this Co-op, my mother on a farm in Wautoma and my father in Westfield. My father’s family still owns the farm which was homesteaded in the mid 1800’s and I spend time there every year. My children grew up within this community and my goal is to help pass on this beautiful area to the next generation in the way we received it.

I work in the Design Studio at Harley-Davidson Motor Company, and I have been employed at Harley-Davidson for almost two decades. I am fortunate to be able to work from my home in the town of Rome. Before working in the Design Studio, I was a Product Manager in our Parts and Accessories business. As a Product Manager, I was the customer’s voice, which helped shape the products designed and delivered to market. Keeping my team focused on the customer needs and wants allowed us to bring great products to market. I believe you, as ACEC’s members, should be the focus of all who work at ACEC, including the board of Directors. As a director, I will be your voice in all board decisions. I would appreciate your vote and I promise to work hard on your behalf.


District 2
Adam Jones
(920) 295-9323

Hello ACEC members, I’m Adam Jones and I am very excited for the opportunity to continue serve you on the ACEC Board of Directors for a second term. 

I have been a lifelong resident of Waushara County and a 4th generation ACEC member. I live in rural Wautoma with my wife and teenaged son.  Since an early age, I was involved in 4-H and learned the importance of community service and being an advocate for your local area. As an adult I am very active with Farm Bureau as Vice President, President of the 4H Leaders Association and the Lay Comittee at my church in Mt. Morris.

I grew up in Wild Rose on my family’s vegetable and beef farm. After attending college, I started my own construction company and built custom homes and light commercial projects for 14 years. This gave me the opportunity to work well with a variety of homeowners while solving problems efficiently and keeping my job tasks organized and profitable. It also gave me the skills to know how to effectively invest money to better my small business. 

I had the opportunity to go back into crop farming with my family nine years ago. With a struggling agriculture economy, I needed to make very important decisions about the future of the farm and determine the best ways to keep the farm profitable. I am currently employed at Yeska Brothers farm in Wild Rose. Through Farm Bureau I have completed their prestigious year-long leadership institute training. My attention to detail, education and determination will continue to make me a great director for members in District 2.

This past term on the ACEC board I have learned about current operations with our growing needs for power and how to make improvements to best serve our members. I enjoy using  this information to focus on how we can provide reliable electricity with cost effective solutions. I have enjoyed engaging with members to see how to best meet their needs as we continue to maintain this electrical resource, which is vital to our rural communities.