Annual Meeting Minutes

Our bylaws state we must provide the annual meeting minutes to the membership via our newsletter before the minutes are approved. Members have not less than 30 days to request corrections to the minutes as published. If corrections are requested, the Board then considers any proposed corrections and may take any action that in the Board’s reasonable judgment is appropriate.


The Adams-Columbia Electric Cooperative Annual Meeting was held on May 6, 2023, at the McComb/Bruchs Preforming Arts Center in Wautoma, Wisconsin. Board Chair Aaron Hoernke called the meeting to order at 1:30 p.m. The meeting was conducted in accordance with the Meeting Rules and Voting Procedures that had been adopted by the Rules committee and provided to the members prior to the meeting.

The National Anthem was sung by Safety and Environmental Coordinator Eric Johnson and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited by all in attendance.

Director Adam Jones gave the Invocation.

Safety and Environmental Coordinator Eric Johnson gave a safety message on severe weather awareness.

Attorney Niles Berman announced that there were 63 registered members at the event.

Board Secretary Gary Skolarz read the Affidavit of Notice of Annual Meeting and Proof of Mailing.

General Manager John West took the floor and recognized the following groups for their contribution to the Co-op, ACEC’s Board of Directors and past Directors, current and former employees, Operation Round-Up Board of Directors, Rules Committee members, and the Member Advisory Committee. Special guests in attendance were Tina Walden from WECA, and Michael Greiveldinger and Brian Hood representing Alliant Energy. Mr. West continued with the cooperative highlights from 2022. There was one question from the member audience directed toward Alliant Energy regarding the status of the Portage coal plant which was scheduled to close in 2023.

Attorney Niles Berman announced the results of the election which are as follows:

District 4-Aaron Bonnett received 49 in person votes, 533 online votes and 20 absentee votes for a total of 602.

District 6- Gary Skolarz received 48 in person votes, 520 online votes and 20 absentee votes for a total of 588.

District 7-Renee Wendt received 46 in person votes, 517 online votes and 21 absentee votes for a total of 584.

General Manager John West took the time to recognize Jim Kelly who served as our District 7 Director for three years.

Board Chair Aaron Hoernke stated that there was no unfinished business for 2022 and no new business. Hoernke declared the 2023 Annual Meeting adjourned at 2:05 p.m.