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RenewNow is Adams-Columbia Electric Cooperative’s new renewable energy program. RenewNow is now making member-owned solar and wind power available to members.

The program offers members the ability to support the development of new, renewable energy. Using the program, members can elect to pay a little extra on their electric bills each month to support local renewable energy.

The funds are collected by ACEC and distributed on an annual basis to ACEC’s RenewNow producers. These members are individuals and nonprofit agencies that are generating solar and wind power. Renewable energy generated by these producers’ systems goes into ACEC’s distribution system and is sold to ACEC members.

The program is designed to offer electricity generated from renewable resources to members who voluntarily choose to buy it, those who value renewable energy above all else, even cost.

It is a unique opportunity for members to support the growth of renewable energy. Members can directly increase demand for renewable energy, and reduce demand for non-renewable energy that would otherwise come from fossil fuel sources like coal and natural gas.

Members who support RenewNow are helping build a base of renewable energy in ACEC’s service territory. They’re also helping diversify energy resources in central Wisconsin. To sign up for RenewNow, fill out the form below. 

RenewNow Finances

Member voluntary contributions (members must remain in the program for a minimum of one year)

  • Payments to producers based on metered energy produced onto distribution system
  • Money from fund collected each month and payment made to producers once annually
  • Money collected ÷ kWh production = $/kWh payment

Renewable Energy ChartResidential Contribution

$2.50, $5, $7.50 or $10 per month

Commercial/Industrial Contribution

$10, $25 or $50 per month



Fill out the form below if you would like to enroll in the program.

RenewNow Contribution Form



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