Radiant Flooring

Take the chill out of cold tile, marble and wood floors with radiant flooring. You can make your floors “radiant-ready” by simply having PEX tubing installed during construction before the concrete is poured. If you have a radiant-ready basement, but forced air through the rest of your house, the system can be extended to warm the floors in kitchens, bathrooms and entry halls to make them barefoot cozy.

A warm radiant floored basement increases the usable square footage of the home for a relatively small investment. With proper design and installation, the benefits of a radiant heating system are many. Radiant floor heating provides room-by-room temperature control, allowing energy-efficient heating when and where you want it most. Our HVAC technicians have been installing radiant flooring for 18 years and would be happy to discuss the design and installation of your radiant flooring.