Operation Round-Up Application

For Organizations and Agencies

Due to an increased number of requests and limited funding, Operation Round-Up may not be able to support all requests. We are unable to reimburse applicants for completed projects. The preferred payment method for grant distribution is to mail a check directly to a vendor.

Only completed applications will be considered by the Operation Round-Up board of directors. A completed application includes:

  • A complete individual or organizational application
  • Financials or reason why financials are not available
  • Itemized estimate or invoice for your request


  • Applicant Information

  • Organization Information

  • Max. file size: 6 MB.
  • Max. file size: 6 MB.
  • Funding

  • Max. file size: 6 MB.
  • References

  • Read & Electronically Sign

  • The information contained in this statement is for the purpose of obtaining funding from the Adams-Columbia Electric Cooperative Trust on behalf of the undersigned. Each undersigned understands that the information provided herein is used in deciding whether to grant funding, and the undersigned represents and warrants that the information provided is true and complete and that the Adams-Columbia Electric Cooperative Trust may consider this statement as continuing to be true and correct until a written notice of a change is provided. The Adams-Columbia Electric Cooperative Trust is authorized to make all inquiries they deem to verify the accuracy of the statements made herein.
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