Home Security

People who have experienced a break-in or theft in their home typically report the overwhelming feeling of being violated. You do not have to fall victim to this intrusion of your privacy and peace of mind. ACEC Security provides security systems designed specifically for your needs.

Monitoring of your Basic Home Security Package is done by Cooperative Response Center (CRC). Should an alarm be activated, your control panel will contact CRC and the response operator will immediately call one of your listed contacts or appropriate authorities, depending on the emergency.

The Basic Security Package includes six zones. Your zones can be set up with your choice of the following:

  • Door and window sensors
  • Fire and smoke sensors
  • Carbon monoxide sensors
  • Medic alert
  • Water break alert
  • Glass breakage
  • Motion sensors
  • Low temp alert

Basic Home Security Package Pricing: $1,395


  • One GE Express Kit – Includes battery, transformer, keypad and interior siren
  • Six Zones (three wireless sensors and three hard-wired sensors)
  • Installation and surge protection


  • $19.95 per month (month-to-month contracts available or pre-pay on an annual basis).

Cartell Vehicle Detection

Never walk into a dark home again.

Never drive up a dark driveway again.

Always be alerted when someone drives up.

Children and women home alone are forewarned.

Cartell is a professional vehicle detection system that uses sounders and lights to announce the arrival of every vehicle. Its sensor is buried in the dirt beside the driveway and connected to a small control unit in the home. And because the system is hidden, it is unobtrusive and virtually vandal-proof. Convenience Oriented Safety Specific Loss Preventative Integration Driven User Friendly Technologically Reliable


Enviro-Watch is a one-step home protection unit. If your power goes off or should the temperature in your home drop below 40 degrees at any time, the Enviro-Watch plug-in monitor will automatically dial the 800 number for Cooperative Response Center (CRC). The CRC operator will immediately call one of your listed contacts to have them correct the situation on your behalf.

The Enviro-Watch monitoring system is easy for any homeowner to install. The unit requires a nine volt back-up battey. To report power outages, the unit must be connected to an active phone line, and A.C. outlet.


  • Unit: $199 plus tax
  • 6 month monitoring: $65 plus tax
  • Monthly monitoring: $12.50 plus tax