Heating & Cooling

Geothermal Heat Pumps

Geothermal heat pumps use a renewable resource — the energy already located in the ground around your home or building — to provide the heating and cooling needed to keep you comfortable all year long. You don’t need a separate outdoor air conditioning unit and there are no unsightly fuel tanks. Plus, geothermal is cleaner and safer than fossil fuels: no flame, no combustion.

Adams-Columbia Electric Cooperative offers heat pumps by TTHERM Geo.

Central Air Conditioning

Comfortmaker – Comfort with Confidence

Quiet operation is the hallmark of the Comfortmaker® name, a sign of the quality you can count on! Comfortmaker systems are built for durability. You get the benefit of the latest technology and a heritage of quality in systems that deliver maximum comfort. Condenser and coils are 100% leak-tested to assure you of reliability … and Comfortmaker backs every unit with some of the best warranties in the business (including the “No Hassle Replacement Warranty”). Comfortmaker air-conditioners use environmentally sound refrigerants and have earned the ENERGY STAR® rating … your assurance for energy-efficient operation. And, at a higher seer, air-conditioners by Comfortmaker can make a big difference in lowering your energy bills!

Visit Comfortmaker’s – Click Here

Daikin AC—A Comfortable Fit In Any Home

ACEC is proud to offer the energy-saving Daikin® Single-Split system. The system is a streamlined, wall-mounted indoor and compact outdoor unit that blends in discreetly with any home design and runs quietly, too.

Whether you are enhancing a single room or adding on an entire wing, the system’s space-saving, modular design is ideal for set-apart areas like a garage, office or nursery—any room up to 1,460 square feet. There is no ductwork to run and few electrical connections to make, so installation can typically be done by a contractor in less than a day.  Visit Daikin’s Website.

Daikin’s Split System (PDF)

Products to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Along with designing and installing heating and cooling systems, Adams-Columbia Electric Cooperative is your source for products to improve indoor air quality. We offer sales and installation of HEPA filtering systems.

Call Adams-Columbia Electric Cooperative to discuss all of your heating and cooling options. Our technicians are uniquely qualified to design, install, and maintain the perfect blend of heating, cooling, and indoor air quality technology for your home or business.

• RGF Environmental Group, INC.
• REME HALO Generator Advanced Oxidation System

REME HALO® In-duct Air Purifier – Learn More

Electric Thermal Storage (ETS)

Off-peak heating systems utilize Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) technology along with our off-peak electric rates (time of use) to provide very affordable and comfortable heating. During the off-peak hours when electric costs are low, ETS systems store heat in specially-designed bricks for use in satisfying comfort 24 hours per day. In most situations, off-peak heating provides the lowest cost of operation when compared to alternative options.

Room heating units are designed to deliver low-cost, off-peak heat to a specific area of the room. Many times, these systems are used in conjunction with or replacement of electric baseboard systems or wood burners. You will enjoy the quiet operation of a room heating unit by Steffes Corporation in addition to exceptional comfort, convenience, and low operating cost.