Annual Meeting FAQs

Is the meeting at the same place this year?

No. Each year we typically change the location to different areas in our service territory so the same members don’t always have a long distance to travel. This year’s meeting will be at the Adams-Friendship Fine Arts Center in Friendship, WI.

Do I need to bring anything with me to the meeting?

We ask that you bring your address label from your Wisconsin Energy Cooperative News magazine. This ensures we have all of your information correct and will make the registration process a breeze.

What is eVote?

This voting option allows you to vote for your Board of Directors through your SmartHub account if you are unable to attend our Annual Meeting.

If I voted via eVote or Absentee, can I still come to the meeting?

Absolutely! Adams-Columbia Electric Cooperative is YOUR co-op, and we would love to have you there. Keep in mind, you will not be given a ballot to vote at the meeting.