AMI Meter Project


We have partnered with Allegiant Utility Services that specializes in large meter exchange project to facilitate our system-wide meter upgrade project. You may see Allegiant personnel in your yard or neighborhood doing the meter exchanges. If you see these technicians, don’t be alarmed. The Allegiant and ACEC logos will be prominently displayed on their vehicles.

After your new meter is installed, here’s what you can expect:

  • You will need to reset your electronic devices. The power was out for a few minutes so you will need to reset electronic devices such as digital clocks.
  • Your billing statement will have two readings; one from the old meter and one from the new meter.


Frequently Asked Questions

6/6/19 – Crews are currently working in the Columbus and Doylestown areas. 

6/27/19 – Crews are working their way into our Wautoma, Pine River, and Saxeville areas.

8/6/19 – Crews are working in the Cambria, Dalton, Pardeeville, and Hancock areas. 

8/28/19 – Crews are working in the Grand Marsh and Plainfield areas in addition to the areas listed above. 

9/12/19 – Crews are working in the Friendship, Cottonville and Richford area. 

10/11/19 – Crews are working in the Briggsville and Endeavor areas.