Advisory Resolution Guide

Every member of the Adams-Columbia Electric Cooperative has the right to present one or more resolutions to the assembled members at the annual meeting. The purpose of an advisory resolution is to give advice to the board of directors. A member who intends to submit an advisory resolution must notify the Cooperative by the date set by the Rules Committee.

In order to find out what the thinking of the membership (assembled at the annual meeting) is on a particular resolution, the advisory resolution is presented at the Annual Meeting by the Member Offering the Resolution, including the reason why that member thinks the issue is important. The advisory resolution is then debated for a limited time and then voted on.

So, if you as a member of Adams-Columbia Electric Cooperative want to bring an issue to the attention of the board of directors of the Coop, you are able to do so.

Below is a sample resolution, which was presented to the Annual Meeting of the Coop on May 15, 2018. Please note that all resolutions are advisory in nature and even if the advisory resolution is passed by the membership at the Annual Meeting, the board of directors need not follow the advice expressed by the resolution. However, an advisory resolution that is passed by a substantial margin is bound to get the attention of the board of directors, and it will be given serious consideration. Also, the discussion by the members of the advisory resolution after the advisory resolution is presented at the Annual Meeting gives the board valuable insight into the thinking of the members on the issue presented.

Here is the process you need to follow if you want to offer an advisory resolution at the Annual Meeting:
  1. You need to submit the advisory resolution before the deadline set each year by the Co-op’s Rules Committee in order to present your advisory resolution at the Annual Meeting that year. That date is published in the Wisconsin Electric Cooperative News. For the 2019 Annual Meeting, the date is Friday, February 8, 2019. You can do this via e-mail, mail or hand delivery if you prefer.
  2. The advisory resolution is then reviewed by the Rules Committee of the Co-op. The Rules Committee decides whether the advisory resolution is in order for presentation to the Annual Meeting. If not, then you will receive a notification that the advisory resolution was rejected and the reason why. You may be able to make wording changes so that the resolution is in order and clearly expresses the issue you want to address. If the advisory resolution is in order, then the Rules Committee decides whether to make a recommendation for or against the advisory resolution or not to express a preference. You will be notified after the Rules Committee review. Regardless of the Committee’s recommendation, if you submitted the resolution before the deadline and it is in order, you are free to attend the Annual Meeting and present your resolution.
  3. At the Annual Meeting, when the time comes to present your resolution, you will be asked to come to the stage for your presentation. Your advisory resolution should be displayed on the screen while you present. The procedure for presenting your advisory resolution is given below as well. Please note that you are responsible to present the advisory resolution at the meeting and ensure that a “second” is offered from the membership. Make sure you have a fellow member, also attending the Annual Meeting, do this for you.


Finally a big “thank you” to all persons who go through this process to make the Adams-Columbia Electric Cooperative, a member-driven organization.