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Home Energy Assessments

What is an energy assessment?

A home energy assessment is the first step to assess how much energy your home consumes. After an assessment is conducted by a trained ACEC energy pro, recommendations will be made so that you can improve the energy efficiency and safety of your home.

Pricing/What’s included in a home energy assessment?

All Energy Assessments will follow Building Performance Institute (BPI) standards and include:

  • Homeowner Interview
  • Blower Door Analysis for leak detection
  • Heating/Cooling Appliance Inspection
  • Water Heating Evaluation
  • Infrared Gun Examination
  • Home Hazard Identification, Carbon Monoxide, Mold
  • Combustion Safety Inspection
  • Exhaust Fan Testing
  • Insulation Inspection
  • Detailed Report of findings, including recommendations

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ACEC has partnered with Focus on Energy to provide financial incentives for improvements made to your home after a home energy assessment is completed.

Different financial incentives are available depending on the improvements that you make. Whole Home Improvement incentives range from $850 to $2,250. Heating and Cooling Improvement incentives range from $100 to $750.

For more information on incentives, contact ACEC or visit

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