How to Read Your Billing Statement

Front of BillUnderstanding your Bill

1 - Bill Header

Contact Information:  Office and Outage phone numbers.

2 - Billing Summary

Important Account Information:  Account Number, Member Number and Due Date.  Summary of account activity.

3 - Meter Reading Details

Meter Details:  Current and Previous Readings, Number of Days in the billng period. 

4 - Details

Detailed account charges.

5 - Messages from ACEC

Special information will be highlighted in this area.

6 - Remittance Stub

The bottom portion of your statement should be returned with your payment. If you are on auto-pay this portion will indicate teh acount to be drafted.

Back of Bill

7 - Usage

Usage History Graph, Comparisons and Average cost per day. Also included are Change of Address form and sign up for Operation Round-Up.