Patronage Capital Estates

Adams-Columbia Electric Cooperative allows the beneficiaries of a cooperative member’s estate to get a settlement of the deceased member’s patronage capital account.  The beneficiary has two options:

  • Continue to receive refunds on a yearly basis in the same manner as the remaining members
    of the Cooperative, through the general refund program. 
  • Get a refund immediately of the present day value of the patronage capital that has accumulated.

Adams-Columbia recognizes that many families want to close out an estate quickly, so our board of directors has developed an immediate refund option for families of deceased members.  The discount factor is seven percent per year over an 18-year period.  This is reflective of the weighted costs of capital and interest.  For any amount that is held more than 18 years, the estate will receive the entire value for that particular year.

Click here for ACEC's policy on payment of patronage capital estates and calculation table. (PDF)